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Visiting Polegreen …

General Information

Polegreen Church is located in eastern Hanover County, 12 miles from downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Address 6411 Heatherwood Drive
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116

Office Hours Telephone (804) 730-3837

Admission Admission to Polegreen Church is free and open to the public.

Hours Polegreen is open from sunrise to sunset, year-round.

Map & Driving Directions

Guide-by-Cell Tour of the site

Visitors to the historic Polegreen Church site can now take a tour of the site using their cellular phone. By calling (804) 205-9836, Dr. Dan Roberts of the University of Richmond and host of National Public Radio's "A Moment in Time" will guide you through the history and significance of Polegreen Church. You can listen to this virtual tour by choosing one of the segments below. All files are in mp3 format.

  1. Religious Freedom
  2. Polegreen Church: The Beginning
  3. Samuel Davies
  4. Samuel Davies and Patrick Henry
  5. Moving toward Tolerance
  6. Davies and Black Literacy
  7. Princeton
  8. The Demise of Polegreen Church
  9. Polegreen Today
  10. Why Preserve Polegreen

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