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Host Your Own Special Event at Polegreen

A current events lecture held at the Historic Polegreen Church siteA current events lecture held at the Historic Polegreen Church site

We now host more than 20,000 visitors a year. They range from school children and history buffs to educators and lifelong learners. If you have not yet, we hope you soon will join them. A visit is a truly rich experience, supplemented by tours, workshops, family events and other learning experiences for all ages and areas of interest.

Polegreen is perfect for group functions, family reunions, picnics.

Historic reenactments, artists working en plein aire, and tours ranging from elementary and high schoolers to assisted living facilities visitors and church groups, as well as our compatriots from other historic sites in a region rife with history and its stories, are regulars here, as well. We hope you will be too.

For more information on hosting your special event at Historic Polegreen Church, please download our FACILITY USE FORM for additional detail on how to plan and implement an event at Polegreen.

Polegreen is known for its educational initiatives — everything from helping classroom teachers with lesson plans and more, to service to our community at large through lectures, and other special presentations, Polegreen interprets the stories that brings our history bears to life for learning, enjoyment, and understanding.

Educational Programs

See our extensive EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES section for details on not just classroom assistance, but the many ways in which we work to educate the general public on the significance of the Historic Polegreen Church site in the historic development of our nation’s First Amendment freedoms, especially our religious liberties.

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